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9 tips on how to shine at a business event

Business events, can be many things. Conferences, career fairs, workshops, lectures and much more. But they have everything in common. They offer an ideal opportunity to network and present yourself.

You don’t know how to behave at these events to leave a perfect impression? No problem! That’s why you have us. In our short article we tell you what you have to do to rock these events and maybe even make your dream job clear.

1. Do not forget your business cards

If you do not yet own one, you will find enough suppliers online who print business cards at fair prices. This is a much more professional option than frantically searching for a pen and paper at the event. Moreover, your conversation partner will keep you in concrete memory.

So: Have enough business cards with you so that you don’t run out of them and make sure you keep them in a way that they don’t wrinkle and that you have them quickly to hand!

2. Do not forget to shake hands

If you meet someone interesting, be sure to shake their hand. The pleasant effects of “shaking hands” have been scientifically proven, as it has been found that it has a very positive effect on the meeting and can also reduce a bad first impression.

So now you know, it’s best to shake hands with everyone as a greeting!

3. Quality is more important than quantity

Many people begin to canvass all the participants of an event, but try to keep a low profile and have only really interesting conversations at best. The conversations should be personally relevant to you, because time is limited. So if you notice that talking to the person you are talking to does not necessarily help, don’t spend too much time with that person

So: Please apologize politely, go on and look for your next opportunity!

4. Find common ground

What do you have in common with your conversation partner? Concentrate on this and try to stimulate the conversation a little bit. If you have already made yourself aware of the person before, you will be able to have a good conversation and establish a relationship between you.

So: Talk about possible similarities and encourage the conversation! This way you and your counterpart can profit most from the exchange.

5.Taking notes

It is best not to take notes on everything during the event. It’s just distracting and you might look a little too nerdy. It is better to concentrate fully on your counterpart, the event, interesting presentations or potential investor meetings!

Ergo: It’s best to take the notes at home in peace and quiet when everything is still fresh in your mind

6. Show interest

Listen carefully and listen with interest to what your counterpart has to say. You might learn something exciting and you will also make a good impression on your conversation partner. Make the other person feel that you are important and do this sincerely, not bored but with full enthusiasm and a strong voice!

So: Ask your counterpart also questions and don’t just talk about yourself! Remember that the questions should of course be appropriate.

7. Call by name (first or last name, depending on the situation)

As Dale Carnegie wrote in his best-seller “How to Win Friends and Influence People” in 1937, a person’s name is the most beautiful sound in any language imaginable. By memorizing the name and saying it repeatedly, you can make the other person feel extremely valued and important.

So: Try to concentrate when introducing yourself to the other person and remember the name immediately. If you fail once, no problem. Just say that you did not quite understand the name and whether he or she could repeat it again. This also applies to all other situations where you meet new people.

8. Give more and profit more later

Isn’t it nice when your own idea is implemented? Or when your own interests are addressed during a conversation? It makes us proud to receive encouragement or applause from others for an idea, product or presentation. You can also take advantage of this fact when networking with other people. Try to develop a topic of conversation or an idea in such a way that your counterpart thinks that the idea comes from him or herself. Speak in the other person’s interest, respond to their needs and how you might have the right idea to solve potential problems.

So: Let your counterpart talk more, speak in his interest and try to develop ideas in such a way that the other person assumes that the idea came from him or her (at career fairs the last piece of advice should possibly be neglected).

9. Come back to the conversation partner in time

It is also important that if you have told someone something, that you keep to it. Ideally, you should do so within the next few days. Perhaps you have agreed to send an email or send a contact request on a social media channel.

Don’t do this too quickly – it can sometimes seem a bit too involved – but do it sooner rather than later! The best time to do this is the next day.

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So, you got it all figured out? Well then, to great business events to apply your newly acquired knowledge! In our Top Start-up Events 2020 article we show you where you should go! If that’s not enough for you, you can also visit Nexup!