Outside of a Beergarden

The largest folk festival in the world is over.

The largest folk festival in the world is over. On the last meadow day the organizers drew a positive balance. And like every year, interesting figures were delivered.

6.3 million guests, 124 oxen eaten and 7.3 million beer drinks – this is the balance of the Munich Oktoberfest, which ended on Sunday after 16 days. “All in all, the festival management, showmen, market traders and innkeepers are very satisfied with the course of the Wiesn,” summarised the Department of Labour and Economic Affairs of the Bavarian state capital in its preliminary final report. According to the police, the number of criminal offences was roughly at the previous year’s level.

According to estimates by the festival management, the number of visitors to the world’s largest folk festival was also in the region of last year – 6.3 million Wiesn guests were also counted in 2018. Once again this year, this included a large number of visitors from abroad, above all from the USA, Great Britain, France, Austria and the Netherlands.

Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Sweden and Denmark were also among the top ten countries of origin of the festival visitors. Visitors from a further 45 nations also came to the Wiesn.

Once again this year, souvenir hunters and beer mug collectors had bad luck in the festival tents: Attentive stewards took 96,912 beer mugs from them in the tents and at the exits of the festival grounds.

The celebrities also joined in the celebrations on the 16 festival days. Politicians, actors and TV celebrities appeared in more or less traditional costume outfits. Of course, FC Bayern once again had to go to the Oktoberfest with frustration. Players, coaches and leaders arrived – in lederhosen – after a 1:2 against Hoffenheim in the beer tent. One week before the Wiesngäste had waited in vain for a special guest: Former US President Barack Obama, who attended the “Bits & Pretzels” founding fair in Munich, left again without visiting the Oktoberfest.