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Top 5 Start-up Events in Germany happening 2020

In 2020, numerous exciting events for founders, start-ups, and entrepreneurs await you, offering a colorful program, international top speakers and lots of know-how. We have therefore already compiled the most exciting Startup Events 2020 in Germany for you.

Why are these kinds of events always full of people and important for you? Easy to answer: Network meetings, trade fairs, and congresses enjoy great popularity among young companies. They are the perfect place to present ideas, receive feedback from other ambitious and knowledgeful people, explore possible cooperations or attract the attention of investors and the media.

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The Founder Summit 2020 – 18.04.2020, Wiesbaden

The “Founder Summit” has been held annually in the Rhine-Main region since 2016. With top-notch speakers, a variety of workshops and an interesting start-up and company fair, the event counts as one of the top start-up events in Germany. According to the organizers, the event is one of the largest “Speaking Platforms in Europe” and has achieved enormous growth in participants within a very short time. The “Founder Summit” is an innovative event format and is organized by the Entrepreneur University. The two founders and Robin and Danny Söder have the vision “to develop a platform that is accessible to everyone, so that everyone gets the chance to learn from the best speakers, trainers and entrepreneurs in the world and pursue their personal goals unhindered”.
More information on the Founder Summit Website

Pirate Summit – 24.06.2020, Köln

The Pirate Summit brings together the creators of the digital world. It is Europe’s largest pure invitation conference for start-ups, investors and early-stage executives. The Pirate Summit stands for real entrepreneurship at the grassroots level: authentic, crazy and real. This includes, above all, the fact that the event is more like a festival than a stiff conference atmosphere. Every year there is still a motto, for example, #intheblack, which should convey that it shouldn’t lead to a bad reputation for start-ups to focus on profitability instead of growth. Usually, a pitch competition is also held, in which you can present yourself as a start-up in front of more than 1000 participants.
More information on the Pirate Summit Website

OMR Festival – 12.05.2020, Hamburg

Who doesn’t know the popular OMR podcast by Philipp Westermeyer? With more than 228 episodes it is one of the most listened to podcasts in the German-speaking area. Again and again, outstanding entrepreneurs, digital marketing experts and actors like Till Schweiger are guests.
Every year the OMR Festival takes place, where companies like Google, Facebook or Adobe as well as numerous start-ups are present. The event is supposed to be a platform where people and companies get to know each other. The “Media Match” format at the festival will be particularly helpful to match both.
More information on the OMR Website

Techcrunch Disrupt – 11.12.2019, Berlin

Whether founder, investor, hacker or technology leader – at Disrupt everything revolves around start-ups. It is a two-day conference and startup competition to immerse in the debate about what’s changing in technology right now, what’s causing it and what is necessary to do, to survive and flourish in the long-term. It’s the place where one can meet people behind new startups, new products and new technologies driving disruption today. Startups in the early phase can present themselves to influential investors and long-term tech entrepreneurs and are even eligible to win a cash prize. Especially at the beginning of a company foundation, it is very important to talk to the right people and to draw attention to oneself.
More information on the TechCrunch Disrupt Website

Bits and Pretzels – 27.09.2020, Munich

This year’s Bits and Pretzels is only just over, and yet the date for the new year has already been set. The combination of inspiring lectures, discussions, and workshops and casual networking at the Oktoberfest is a truly exceptional concept with fascinating speakers from all over the world. Even the 44th President of the USA, Barack Obama, was convinced of the concept and gave the opening speech in 2019. If that’s not reason enough to stop by. But there are more for start-ups. Every year a Pitch Competition takes place, where a prize money of 5000 € can be won.
More information on the Bits&Pretzels Website